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Anspec is licensed to import and export pharmaceutical and medical products to multiple jurisdictions internationally


Export pharmaceuticals to over 40 different countries and counting


Trusted supplier for over 10 governments and counting

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Indo-pacific, ASEAN and ME regions

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Congratulations to the Anspec Ladies on being finalists in the NSW Women in International Business Award

From the left of the photo, 'Nancy Zhang', 'Deirdre Bland', 'Malti Prakash', 'Amrapali Patel', 'Vivian Chan', 'Sally Kankanige'

From the left of the photo, 'Nancy Zhang', 'Deirdre Bland', 'Malti Prakash', 'Amrapali Patel', 'Vivian Chan', 'Sally Kankanige'

Dianne Tipping, Chair

Export Council of Australia

"We felt that ANSPEC should also receive recognition not just because of the inspiring women that work for the companybut also for the hard work and dedication that ANSPEC does in exporting globally."

Anspec has long supported the pharmaceutical and medical supply needs of the Indo-Pacific, ASEAN and ME regions in alignment with Australia’s strategic objectives in these regions:

Anspec, an Australian Trusted Trader under the Australian Border Force framework, understands the critical importance of Australia’s strategy in these regions. As a wholesaler, Anspec plays a crucial export role in supporting this strategy by providing the necessary supplies and resources to improve health outcomes and address supply shortages for both government and commercial healthcare providers overseas

Our extensive sourcing capability working closely with Australian sponsors as well as sourcing overseas has built an excellent reputation for Anspec in the Islands and in other jurisdictions that are supported by Australia’s foreign policy and investment. From pharmaceuticals to consumables and logistical support, Anspec’s broad inventory caters to the diverse requirements of regular supply, disaster relief efforts, and humanitarian assistance.

Anspec works closely with all stakeholders in the supply chain to understand their specific needs and to tailor our solutions accordingly. This collaboration allows us to provide responsive and customized support, ensuring that the supplies we deliver align with the evolving demands. This is challenging in current times of geo-political unrest and supply chain uncertainty, but Anspec has always been a bridge to supporting the smaller nations that need access to Australian standard – pharmaceuticals, dental and medical supply. 

The Australian Sovereign Risk report identified supply to the Indo-Pacific, ASEAN and ME regions as strategically important to Australia and therefore a fine balance must be maintained between ensuring supply continuity in Australia as well as in these regions. 

Regulatory, quality and ethical compliance are paramount in our operations. Anspec adheres to industry regulations and international ethical standards, ensuring that the supplies we distribute meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that the Islands and other important regions can rely on the integrity and reliability of the products and services we provide. 

Choose Anspec as your trusted partner for efficient pharmaceutical exports. Benefit from our industry experience, commitment to quality, and dedication to seamless supply chain management.

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