Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Solutions: Sourcing, Delivery, and Supply Chain Management by Anspec

We are a recognised and established supplier of pharmaceutical, medical, dental and consumable products to medical wholesalers, distributors and healthcare establishments in Australia and International Markets.

Best Capability to deliver:

Anspec is known for excellent customer service, dedicated support, and a long-term commitment to delivering pharmaceutical products efficiently and reliably.

Sourcing quality pharmaceuticals:

Anspec offers national and international sourcing of pharmaceutical products, including special access scheme products among others, ensuring high-quality supplies.

Australian trusted trader:

Anspec is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader, providing strengths and benefits such as streamlined customs processes and enhanced supply chain security.

Supply chain management:

Anspec excels in supply chain management, leveraging expertise to optimize processes, ensure product integrity, and deliver seamless pharmaceutical distribution.

Access to Store and Supply Schedule 9 (S9) Drugs

Trustworthy Distribution of High-Risk Pharmaceuticals by Anspec. Anspec's licensed warehouses provide state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring the safe and confidential storage of highly sensitive medications.

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Professional, knowledgeable and ethical for the success of our clients

Distribution to a wide range of pharmacies and hospitals nationwide

We offer a variety of medical cannabis products to suit the needs of different patients.

Export pharmaceuticals and medical products to over 40 different countries

Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on the best products.

Cost effective, compliant and timely procurement

We believe that medical cannabis should be accessible and affordable, which is why we offer competitive pricing on all of our products

Anspec Pty Ltd: 35 Years of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Exports

Strong backgrounds in healthcare, hospitals and pharmacy

Specialised domestic pharmacy and hospital supply
Pacific Island region, government and private markets working through Austrade
Third and fourth party (3PL & 4PL), warehouse subcontract services
Emerging markets or special needs export sales

What Our Customers Are Talking About Anspec

Anspec is your trusted source for pharmaceutical needs, backed by a track record of success, accreditations, licensing, and secure infrastructure. With our extensive industry experience, we ensure compliant and reliable distribution of pharmaceutical products, including high-risk drugs. Count on us for comprehensive solutions that deliver confidence and peace of mind