We are a specialised wholesaler of Health Care products and equipment including all schedules of pharmaceuticals for both export and Australian domestic markets. We supply pharmaceutical, medical and dental products and associated services to the Australian Defence Force, Government and Industrial Clients in Australia.

We also export Internationally to Hospitals, Ministries of Health, Aid Agencies, Governments, Private and Retail Health Care outlets. At our modern facilities in Sydney we also provide managed warehouse services and third party logistics services (3PL and 4PL).

For 25 years, Anspec has been a major supplier of medical and pharmaceutical products to the Pacific region and has maintained long close relations with Government and Private Health Care Centers, and Retail Pharmacy clients, leveraging and optimising relationships with quality suppliers and quality products.

We deliver Pharmaceuticals and Medical products/equipment from our Sydney warehouse to 30+ locations across Australia, and many International locations. We reliably deliver to all metropolitan, regional and remote locations and with special arrangements in place for urgent and surge delivery.

We have extensive premises and land owned by Anspec and available for expansion as required.

We have a barcoded and semi-automated warehouse that delivers reliable, agile and responsive services to our customers. It also deliver peace of mind to our suppliers for whom quality is a basic requirement.

It is temperature controlled with a sophisticated Building Management System that is monitored and responded to when required.

We also have cold storage, cold packing and cold chain verified transport routes to ensure that important products arrive in good time and ready to improve health or save lives.